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"This course was created for the people who are ready to do whatever it takes. The people who are so fed up with the way things are, their heart's voice can no longer be denied. The people who are ready to follow their inspiration, no matter what the cost.


My zone of genius is inspiring people to listen to their intuitive voice and empowering them to take unapologetic, courageous action." 

About the program: 

In 8 weeks you will discover how to live UNAPOLOGETICALLY:


  1. Self Acceptance

  2. Breaking Free

  3. Self Trust

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Break All the Fucking Rules. 

My Why: 

"A year ago, I was in Germany. I was celebrating my 5th wedding anniversary. It was beautiful and an incredible adventure. I can still feel the cool fall air and see the stunning burnt orange trees. I had many of those incredible adventures throughout my marriage. I had experienced so much love and so much luxury, that many times, I felt my life was a dream. There were many moments that just seemed so perfect. And, I’m sure many people thought my life was perfect.

The reality was, I was reeling from a summer of dealing with my husband’s intense alcoholism and instability. I was relieved my home was alcohol free for the moment, but I was filled with fear of when the next incident would begin. I was trying so hard to keep my heart open but I felt numb. I’d been through so much.

It was like I was living double realities. During the day, I was loved and celebrated by my clients and coworkers. At home, I was desperately trying to remember I was lovable. I was constantly in fear. I was constantly just trying to make it until the next morning, so I could escape to the peace of the gym and work.

Then, one particular conversation in Germany woke me up.

I was told I was not capable of accomplishing a dream I had expressed - to go to school in Italy. I was told by the person I loved he WISHED I could have tried, so I could have seen I would fail.

I was stunned and hurt. It wasn’t like this was a particularly surprising conversation. This sort of discussion happened all the time. But, for some reason, this one hit me. It takes what it takes.

I didn’t make the decision to leave right then, but something in me shifted. Something in me decided I was no longer going to include people in my space who did not believe in me, no matter what. There was a badass in me, who stopped apologizing for following her heart instead of the suffocating limitations of others’ perceptions. Truth be told, there were many moments like this, over and over in my life.

Whispers of truth.
Whispers of my worth.
Whispers to stop compromising.
Whispers begging to be free of the rules required to live up to everyone else’s expectations.


And then, a month later, enough courage had smoldered in me, I leapt.

Over following year, I broke so many rules I had lived by. And it was fucking terrifying.

- I left my husband. I walked away from the vows I thought would last a lifetime.
- I walked away from my safe life, full of travel and adventure, for financial insecurity and scary unknowns.
- I left the home I had built over the years - the garden, the animals, the space I had loved so dearly. I walked away from the dreams I thought would be my forever.
- I moved back into my rental. It was so empty and foreign and alone.
- I started training for a bodybuilding competition. I dared to let my body be seen.
- I listed my home as an Airbnb and began welcoming many wonderful guests into my space. I opened myself up to risk but also so much love.
- I quit my safe job of 5 years and fully leaned into my own business. I defied the safe and reasonable voice in my head.
- I stopped blocking my heart and intuition from having the things it was repeatedly asking for. I hired an assistant. I hired a high-end coach with a hefty investment. I got a beautiful office downtown.
- I stopped telling myself I had to wait and I just made it happen, even when it required some really gutsy personal and financial decisions.



I broke all of the rules that had accumulated in my head and all the ones people had tried to place upon me. Today, I am authentic in my choices. I follow my intuition unapologetically, despite the rules I am breaking. My intuition is my true north. It is my connection to the Divine. It often doesn’t make sense and pushes me to the highest levels of courage most of the time - but it always leads me to my best growth, alignment, and aliveness.


I broke all the rules, and I’m not sorry."


- Jillian Aurora


Break All the Fucking Rules.

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