"Jillian Landis is an amazing coach with so much integrity and caring for her clients. I can wholeheartedly recommend her work as a professional. Her role as President of Idaho Life Coaches Association shows her support of coaches at all levels." - Maryanna, Coach and Publisher

"Jill is a wonderful life coach who has a gentle, compassionate and loving approach to helping others see solutions to life’s challenges.  Jill is always cheerful and upbeat and willing to look at a problem with a new perspective. She helps to guide those seeking her help to living fulfilling lives.  While Jill may be seen as being young for being a life coach, she has experienced many challenges and situations in life that others who are older have experienced. She has first-hand knowledge of dealing with grief and loss, of not being challenged in a work environment, or of loving someone who suffers from addiction. Jill’s ethic of hard work and her trait of always looking for the positive in any situation make her an amazing life coach and I highly recommend her." - Dawn, Social Coach

"I feel myself on the road to self discovery... I feel success when I can adopt the practices suggested by my life coach." - Ellen, Interpreter

"My meetings with Jillian have been a valuable resource in my crazy, busy life.  I've found that the tools she has provided me with are helping move forward into a new and uncharted territory of my life.  My self confidence is higher than it's been in a long time and there has been improvement in my personal relationships.  Thanks Jillian - you are awesome!" - Liz, Underwriter/Finance

"I have been seeing Jill for 9 months to help me with my business and life goals. In that time I have been able to get more organized, have had more clarity, and have learned how to more consistently get my needs met. I have begun to work on a larger vision of my life, and when there have been bumps along the way, she has been approachable and comforting. While I know that I have applied a lot of the work along the way to achieve my goals, I wouldn’t be where I’m at without her guidance. I am so appreciative of her thoughtfulness, care and her preparedness each week that I come in." - Tanya, Amma Therapist

"Authentic” was the first descriptor I heard attached to Jill’s name. That was over a year ago. She’s been a coach and mentor since. And, if forced to use one word to describe her “authentic” would be my choice too. I’ve always considered myself a driver and bootstrap kind of gal, but—and perhaps because of that—was struggling to find balance and satisfaction when it came to several areas of my life and business.

I didn’t think authenticity was my problem.

Jill’s ability to question without attacking my thought patterns and motivations helped me see that much of my angst came from fighting my personality and what I truly wanted rather than embracing it and allowing those things to dictate my decision making. I wasn’t being authentic. I wasn’t deliberately being inauthentic, I just hadn’t fully recognized and embraced who I am and what I want. The example Jill sets and the support and accountability she provides inspire and empower me to be my best self." - Book Coach and Publisher

If you have benefitted from your coaching experience with Jill, please consider sharing the love in a review on Psychology Today, Facebook, Google, Yelp, or any other social platform! If you have the desire to make coaching a reality for someone who does not have the financial means to afford it, please consider making a donation to Pay it Forward Coaching.

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