Live Self-Care Webinar

  • Six week series and discussion about the six key areas of Self-Care
  • Exclusive webinar offered as a one time pre-launch to the upcoming "It's Time for You" course
  • Seating is limited - stay tuned for the next scheduled event!

It's Time for You

Coming soon!
Six Module Comprehensive course covering the six essential areas of Self-Care
  • For the caregivers, codependent, and compassion fatigued. For the GIVERS of the world who are ready to take their own lives off the back burner and onto center stage
  • For the big-hearted who want to learn how to maintain their compassionate spirit while honoring their own needs too
  • This course will cover Self-Care in the areas of Worthiness, Routine, Health, Relationships, Work/Finances, and Passion
  • This is a perfect course for those who want to work at their own pace and at a time that works best for them

Divine Harmony Webinar

Coming soon!
  • Five week series covering the interaction of Masculine and Feminine Energy
  • Exclusive webinar offered as a one time only pre-launch to the "Cracking the Behavior Code" course

Cracking the Behavior Code

Coming soon!
Six Module Intensive course about the harmony and attraction between Masculine and Feminine Energy
This course is for:
  • Those who feel their "picker is broken" and wish to naturally attract more harmonious and meaningful relationships
  • Those who wish to understand how behaviors dance together - empowering us to change what is attracted to us simply by shifting our own behaviors. 
  • Anyone who wishes to learn about the dark sides of Masculine and Feminine energy and how they sabotage our individual, relational, and collective joy. 
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