Goddess Coaching is for the women (and men) who are ready to do WHATEVER IT TAKES. The women who are so fed up with the way things are, their heart's voice can no longer be denied. The women who are ready to follow their inspiration, no matter what the cost.


YOU, Goddess. 


You can feel your magic, buried carefully within.


You know you've been playing small. 


You know you have allowed too many to take advantage of your gifts. 


You, GODDESS, can feel the pull. That's why you are here. It's time. TIME to BE the Goddess you ARE. No more apologies. 

My zone of genius is inspiring you to listen to your intuitive voice and empowering you to take unapologetic, courageous action.

YOU are already DIVINE. You are already a powerful BADASS. I am here on this planet to remind you of the divine you already ARE, no matter how deeply you have forgotten.


Reclaim your 






Kelli H

Jillian, thank you. I want to read your words every day. Please know the words you write are so healing to read on my journey “home” - toward finding my true self. 

Carter C

If you are ready to take a leap to become aware of yourself I only recommend Jillian Aurora to be the clarifying mirror in your life. I poured gas over all my toxifying habits and past attachments caused by these habits. I burned them with a match. Now, after my time, my phoenix heart has finally raised from the ashes and I am new. No amount of money or jewel is worth that change. I am free! I am fire!

Kristina B

Jillian truly has a gift of putting feelings into words that just make other people feel understood and further push them into the curiosity to enlightenment of their own self power and worth.

Ellen L

You helped me see that there is no such thing as being stuck in life. I feel that seeing all the possibilities that come my way are all blessings, and you helped me see these miracles unfold. You are truly a remarkable creature placed on this earth. You serve a grand mission, and your vision is so bright for all the world to see. I cannot thank you enough for helping me through my trials and tribulations and for just being you. 

D. Bufty

Jillian is so cute and so inspiring and accomplished! What honors me honors everyone! If people in your life do not meet with your standards and respect your boundaries...RELEASE THEM!! YESSSSS! I am doing all of this as I type!!

Emily P

I am grateful beyond measure to you Jillian. This last bit of courage mustered has been the most difficult to obtain. It will be necessary because my truth is wrapped up in the truth of so many others whom are not so ready for such a journey. Thank you for giving me the final encouragement this entire journey has been leading. I am excited for the future and what it will produce. I’m leaving the old in the past and embracing the new head on. I accept everything it entails unquestionably AS MYSELF... no matter what!!

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